Feb 22, 2005

Herrion Ousted as Hoops Coach at ECU

Herrion couldn't duplicate his Drexel
success at ECU. Gonna miss him.
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Well, Terry Holland has swung the axe again, this time, it is Bill Herrion. Wonder if Randy Mazey is sweating a bit?

I really liked Herrion and thought he would eventually get things going at ECU. I am not sure who Terry Holland will be able to bring in, but it will probably be a good basketball guy. With C-USA losing all the powerhouse teams, the next coach will not have as steep a climb.

Gonna miss Herrion...thought he was pretty darn good for ECU.


Matt J. Duffy said...

The blog lives.

8ZERO8 said...

My choice for coach -- Terry Holland. Sure, he couldn't win a championship with Ralph Sampson, but he's still the best pick. ;-)