Mar 25, 2005

QB Gonna Be One of These Young Guys?

I am very much hoping that James Pinkney makes himself eligible again this summer, but my sources are saying that though he is really working hard, don't count on him coming back this fall.

That said, there is a quarterback battle brewing in Greenville, and it appears that one of the two young prospects will come out No. 1. Either Patrick Pinkney - son of ECU legend Reggie Pinkney - or Davon Drew, a very strong, agile, Michael Vick-like prospect.

Pinkney, left, in prep action at Pine Forest and Drew in action for New Bern.Posted by Hello

Pinkney, no relation to James, had a great JV game agains Fork Union Military and is very much a polished well as a very smart kid. There is a chance his Redshirt will be lost do to that JV game and if that happens, he will be a Sophomore.

Drew, redshirted last season, is a playmaker. He is a big, but lean kid, at 6-3 and can run the ball very well. His passing is also strong, but will probably require more work than Pinkney. However, Pinkney is coming off shoulder surgery so that may tilt this battle to Drew for the Spring.

Also vying is redshirt freshman Josh Vogelbach - a pure passer - and QB-turned-TE-turned-FB-turned-QB again, son of offensive coordinator, Kort Shankweiler. If he starts, I will never cheer for ECU again.

I really believe 4 wins this season will be a good step in the right direction.


Matt J. Duffy said...

Nice job. Four wins, eh? I like to start out hoping for an undefeated, BCS-busting season. I'll root for four wins win we're 0-7.

8ZERO8 said...

More importantly, how many times will the Pirates cover the spread?

Ron Cherubini said...

I'm a realist Matt. However, 8 wins vs. the spread would be nice. hehehehe