Aug 8, 2005

No names

This, I like:

One difference fans will notice when ECU opens with Duke on September 3rd is the absence of players' names on the backs of the jerseys. Holtz indicates he believes the team is “buying in” to what the coaches are trying to sell in terms of a new culture and attitude much more quickly than when he was involved in starting turnarounds at UConn and South Carolina.

The removal of individual names is making a statement that Holtz wants the team to understand.

“One of the players said, 'Coach, we’ve always had our names on our uniforms,' ” said Holtz. “I said no, we’ve got the one on the front. That’s the only one we need to worry about right now. Until we’re proud of the one on the front I don’t care about the one on the back."


8ZERO8 said...

I likey, too said...

Good find.

Greg Jones said...

That's good stuff. There's no "I" in "the back of a jersey".

Here we go Pirates.....Here we go!!! Don't look now, but I feel a 4 and 7 season coming.